Commercial Litigation and Landlord-Tenant (Commercial)

Commercial Litigation and Landlord-Tenant (Commercial) Law includes:

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Contract Drafting
  • Leasing
  • Litigation of Lease Disputes
  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Rent Recovery

The firm represents owners/landlords of commercial properties in a variety of settings, including contract disputes and eviction proceedings.  In addition to litigation, the firm can evaluate an owner’s leasing program, and suggest revisions to lease forms, and notices, and assess in-house procedures to streamline the collection and eviction process.


The attorneys at Young/Sommer have extensive experience at the trial and appellate level. Young/Sommer has the resources to ensure timely commencement and prosecution of actions to protect the owner’s rights. The attorneys of Young/Sommer are accustomed to handling multi-million dollar claims.

Regional Practice

The firm’s practice is not limited to the Capital District. The regional practice covers the State of New York (outside New York City). 

Eklecco Newco, LLC v. Café Tu Tu Tango of Palisades, LLC, 18 Misc 3d 1126(A) (NY Sup Ct, 2008)

In this landlord-tenant case arising out of a shopping center lease, the Court awarded the landlord judgment on all claims,... READ MORE

Pyramid Walden Co. v. The Buffalo Unit, LLC, 48 AD3d 1089 (4th Dept 2008), affirming 2007 WL 7034890 (NY Sup 2007)

In this landlord-tenant case involving a shopping center lease, the appellate court affirmed the trial court’s award of summary judgment... READ MORE

Crystal Run Newco, LLC v. United Pet Supply, Inc., 70 AD3d 1418 (4th Dept 2010)

This a commercial landlord-tenant case in which the appellate court reversed the trial court, and granted the landlord summary judgment... READ MORE